Apprenticeship Success in Plymouth

A #Focus5 participant, David, has achieved great success in an apprenticeship with Everyone Active in Plymouth.

David was referred to #Focus5 by his care manager. He had struggled through school academically and socially, and by his own admission became easily distracted by the wrong kind of people. He eventually dropped out of school and was refusing to engage with other agencies trying to help him.

He had expressed an ongoing interest in becoming a gym instructor and was interested in looking for an apprenticeship so he could earn money whilst learning on the job and gaining qualifications. Paul, his #Focus5 key worker in Plymouth, sat down with him and listened. He listened to David's story and listened to the changes that David wanted the freedom to bring about for himself. He then drew up a plan of how they could work together to make that vision a reality.

Paul contacted some local gym providers on David's behalf and set up work experience placements where David said he learnt a lot and then felt he had the confidence to move onto an apprenticeship. Paul then spoke to the manager at the Life Centre in Plymouth, run by Everyone Active and discussed whether or not David could join their Level 2 apprenticeship in gym instruction with circuits. David was offered a place and hasn't looked back.

David needed an alternative approach to education, and that's exactly what he has achieved for himself. Within his apprenticeship he is studying maths and english with a tutor who comes to the Life Centre. Because he is learning something that motivates him, he is more focused on learning than ever before and showing his true potential. His manager, Jon Ackland, told us he is doing extremely well.

David says he is extremely proud of how far he has come. In September 2019 he hopes to move onto Level 3 of the apprenticeship which will mean he can become a fully qualified personal trainer. Once he is financially independent he aims to get his own flat which he feels will open up more avenues for him in life.

Of #Focus5 David says that Paul gave him the extra help he needed to get where he wanted to be.

He would rate Paul's help 10 out of 10 and says the main difference Paul made, is that he listened.

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