Ben Samples Being a Voice Over Actor

Becoming a voice over actor is Ben's dream and he got to experience this when he stepped into the recording studio at the Sound Gallery in Exeter. 

Ben enjoys comic character monologues and practising with different styles and accents. He thoroughly enjoyed recording the monologues and found working with sound engineer Duncan to be fascinating and fun. He enjoyed learning all about the recording and editing process and loved learning about the different effects that can be used. 

Impressively, Ben was able to recite each voice over from memory and you can hear his awesome work below.

*A bit of info about Ben's tracks. 

Dr Manhattan: A fictional character in DC Comics/graphic novels. Debuted in the graphic novel series Watchmen, which became a movie and TV series.

Moon Knight Fear: Fictional superhero who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and appears in Avengers Assemble animated series and video games.

Markiplier: Mark Fischbach is an American YouTube gamer, actor and comedian.