Carving a Career as a Chef

The only thing constant is change and that certainly applies to our young person, “D”. When D was younger, he was certain his future career lay with the army, but his family situation took a massive turn. His mum had a stroke and he had to live with his aunty and uncle for a short while, however, that did not last long. D found himself going from one uncertain situation to another and when his aunty and uncle put a pause on their relationship, D was back living with his mum and siblings. Naturally, D was a little unsettled with all this activity but one thing that did stand strong was D’s calm head. D has always shown a maturity beyond his years and his experiences have certainly sculpted him.

Moving back home meant that D would be taking care of his mum and siblings. D was handling the household chores, cooking for the family and even found himself doing the talking for his mum at the bank.

At first cooking was just a chore but one D was happy to do. Being forced to get in the kitchen really helped D build his confidence when cooking and it soon transformed from a task into a passion. D absolutely loves cooking to the point where he is happy to make a whole extra meal for his siblings and their guests. For D, cooking is the fastest and most satisfying way to pass time and when he realised this, he knew his future career lay in the kitchen and not in the barracks.

When our young person came to #Focus5 he was expecting help with getting his CV sorted out, but he got a lot more than he bargained for. D got all the tips and guidance he needed to find an apprenticeship and then how to be successful in an interview. It turns out that his first interview was for his apprenticeship, so when he combined all his new skills and maturity, it was no surprise he was selected!

So, right now D is currently holding down a new job at his apprenticeship whilst working on an online level 2 Food Hygiene course. He starts college next week, and he cannot wait to get stuck in on his course. Currently, D has been working as a kitchen porter, which he says is a great way to get used to the systems in the kitchen. However, once his course kicks into life he will be able to start working and learning as a chef.

Our young person has certainly had to grow up quickly, displaying incredible resilience and an ability to adapt to change. We know he has all the tools to become a successful chef and we wish a very happy future in his chosen path.