Change the way you think to change your world

Our young person was new to the area after having moved around a little bit. In fact, she had moved three times in as many years. All of this disruption was affecting her feelings and was producing challenging thoughts. By the time she was referred to #Focus5 she was living with her grandmother, who had become increasingly concerned about our young person’s prospects.

Due to previously negative experiences of school and other professionals our young person was being educated at home. At this point our young person felt like she was becoming claustrophobic, only to later discover she was managing with anxiety. Her anxiety was becoming a real challenge and the idea of going outside and having to see other people was fast becoming a nightmare.

Our young person was paired with our key worker Nick and the entire process of working together was hampered by Covid-19. In order to stay safe every meeting was conducted via Zoom. These meetings came after a few phone calls though, as meeting a new person on a video chat would have been a huge ask for our young person. It wasn’t long before they realised they had a mutual appreciation for cats and Dr Who and eventually our young person looked forward to her meetings with Nick.

What made the process really successful is that our young person wanted to change and was a real driving force – she understood she had anxiety, previous negative experiences of the education system and was lacking confidence. Nick helped our young person to consider her future choices whilst learning to deal with life in the present moment. This change in our young person’s thinking that was the moment everything improved for her.

Our young person is now at college and has a clear goal of becoming a counsellor. She wants to help people just like herself; people who are held back by their own thoughts and bad experiences. She is thriving at college and is friends with everyone, and that even includes her lecturers. We are so happy with the progress she has made; her transformation has been a joy to witness.