Counselling and College

#Focus5 has helped a young lady with significant mental health difficulties find precious time to rest her mind, as well as offering practical support in getting her life on track.

She had been living in sheltered accommodation having lost her home when her Grandmother passed away, and was dealing with grief as well as depression and anxiety. She dropped out of college and really needed help from her #Focus5 key worker to find positive ways forward.

To begin with they explored activities that could help soothe her anxiety and give her an opportunity to rest her mind. This is incredibly important because if a person is in a high state of anxiety, they cannot learn new skills or build the confidence to embrace change.        

Together they purchased art materials so she could relax through art therapy and she was then encouraged to benefit from a counselling service to help with managing her grief. The young lady then arranged work experience for herself in a local day centre and needed support with producing photographic ID to aid in the employment process. Her key worker spent time updating her CV, identifying her transferable skills and teaching her how to look for work. She was encouraged to consider college again and was given help to apply for a course. She chose Art!

On the day of the interview her key worker accompanied her and when she was offered a place, she was subsequently supported on her college enrolment day. At the same time she was given support in moving to a different sheltered accommodation where she is now settled and happy. #Focus5 has helped this young person cope with her mental health difficulties, and recover to move on with her life.

#Focus5 has helped this young person overcome grief, find ways of calming her anxiety and turned her interests into a potential career path for the future. She has also developed the confidence to find herself a job working at her favourite club, meaning she is earning money from another one of her passions – heavy rock and punk music!

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