From doing hardly anything to recording some amazing tracks!

It's pretty cool when you experience a young person come out of their shell and challenge their creative side. With a little help from our specialist partners, our young people can explore what they think they are interested in a little more. Services range from confidence and self-esteem building as well as specialist support for those who may need it. 

We heard from Simples about his experience of #Focus5 and are delighted to share with you a track his created at Actiontrack, organised through our delivery partner Take Art

"When I joined #Focus5 I wasn’t doing much or going out hardly at all and my Key Worker talked to me about what I might be interested in. We looked at some of the partner programmes that #Focus5 offers and I chose music studio sessions with ActionTrack to record some songs.

I really enjoyed my time at Actiontrack. Tim was really cool and able to put things together quickly. I already had some beats in mind and some lyrics already down. It was good to get them recorded together properly because I’ve wanted to do that for a while. I’m really pleased with the final pieces and have been playing them to my mates – they know all the words to all three songs now! I’ve also uploaded them to Sound Cloud."

We also heard from Tim at Actiontrack. 

"This young person was really focused and engaged throughout all of his music sessions, of which he had a perfect attendance. He came prepared to each session, with a track to work on and lyrics all written and rehearsed in advance. This meant we got loads done and he maintained his focus to the mixing and completion of each of the three final songs. He also spent one session learning about the technology and production elements involved. 

It is clear to see he benefitted from, and was grateful for the support and opportunity he was given, and I'm sure he would make the most of any future opportunities he could potentially be granted."

We are delighted with Simples progress and he should be very proud of the music he's produced.