Dominika’s story

"When I started working with Dominika she had been electively home educated for 2 years and was post 16 with no qualifications and no idea how to get back on track. She was very unhappy and anxious and wasn’t able to take the steps needed to get back in to education alone. She spent most of her time at home shut away from the world, looking after her family and not doing anything for herself.

"Over our time together we explored her many strengths and positive attributes, we met regularly and built up a strong bond of mutual trust and respect. Her confidence gradually blossomed and she started to see that the things she wanted in her future were actually achievable. We spent time working at her pace, getting into a routine, becoming more comfortable with leaving the house, meeting new people and going to new places. Once Dominika had a clearer idea of what she wanted to do, we could start planning how to get there. The first challenge was to get her back into education. After a few little wobbles, she managed to start with Somerset Skills and Learning on a traineeship. She is now studying Functional skills in Maths and English and has a work placement at a local ice cream parlour (coincidentally the very same place we had some of her sessions when she was feeling so low). She has had such positive feedback already that they have offered her a job once her placement is finished! With her confidence sky high we focused on a part time job search to run alongside her SS&L study. After completing her CV and covering letter she distributed them to local businesses, first with me and then completely by herself. This is unbelievable when you consider she had previously been too anxious to speak to people she didn’t know! She completed a trial shift at a Fish and Chip shop and was immediately offered a job after impressing everyone with her positive attitude and strong work ethic.

"This is such a massive turnaround from when I first met her. There were many so significant barriers to her progression, she felt totally unable to see her way through. Now she is so happy, confident and truly proud of herself, it really is such a privilege to see." - Emily Bull, Key Worker