Employment Skills at Young Devon

A young man on the #Focus5 project has recently joined a work based training course at Young Devon in Exeter to learn skills that are relevant to the work place and enhance his employability prospects.

He had really struggled in the school system because of ADHD and anxiety, which makes group working incredibly difficult. He was excluded from school but joined further education college because he really wanted to learn. However, due to his educational needs, large group working at college didn't suit him either. He couldn't focus or organise himself and he needed a different approach.

#Focus5 took him under their wing and began discussing skills and aspirations, producing a CV and looking at local training opportunities. He and his key worker agreed that 1:1 mentoring at Young Devon would be useful and this then led to him being offered a work based learning course lasting 12 weeks, with a handful of other similar youngsters. This has been a great success, he has learnt new skills and made new friends, and the fact that he is travelling in from a rural village every day using public transport, shows a real commitment to making it work.

Working in small groups, with tutors who understand their educational and psychological needs really can make a difference to a young person's ability to succeed. The support he has been receiving from #Focus5 and Young Devon has even led to an interview for an apprenticeship, where he would potentially be working as a sports and outdoor activity instructor, something he is really excited about.

When talking about #Focus5 he said his key worker had given him a purpose and made him feel good about himself. We wish him all the luck in his interview and we are sure with his determination, he is going to move on to have a rewarding career!

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