Finding That First Job

We are excited to share the news that one of our young people has just got his first job, thanks to support from the #Focus5 project!

This young man attended a specialist school because he is on the autistic spectrum, but still struggled with the school environment as many autistic children do, becoming physically aggressive. When he left school at sixteen he was bored and had very little social engagement but when referred to the #Focus5 team, his key worker helped him start achieving and feeling positive about the future.

Our first goal was to support him to pass his driving test. His key worker then found opportunities to sit down and discuss work and training aspirations. We helped him create a CV and supported him with interview preparation. As he had been offered a job interview with the local recycling centre, we also talked at length about environmental issues and the importance of recycling, which helped him to feel confident. We were really thrilled when he was offered a role with prospects of career progression and training!

We then ran a session on travel training in preparation for his first day at work, to help him navigate public transport, and taught him strategies on how to cope if he got things wrong. People on the autistic spectrum can become easily overwhelmed or anxious especially when doing things for the first time, so it was really important to make sure he felt as confident and familiar as possible with his journey on day one.

He coped incredibly well in starting his first job and has since passed his probation, so we are so pleased to hear that he has been given a permanent contract and can settle into his new career!

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