First Job in a Printers!

A young person working with #Focus5 since November of 2018 has already developed the confidence and skills to find himself a job in a local printing shop!

When he was referred to #Focus5 this young man had a number of professionals working with him, supporting him through some trouble he had found himself in through poor lifestyle choices. He was not interested in learning or study of any kind, he simply wanted to find a job.

He and his key worker spent time looking at his skills and strengths, exploring options for the kinds of work he might apply for. He knew he wanted to do something practical and was eager to go into the construction industry but even the thought of studying for his CSCS card was too overwhelming for him.

His key worker spent a lot of time teaching him how to do online job searching, and producing a CV. She also helped him to think realistically about what the possibilities might be and to think outside of the box with potential options. She then rang around about 40 local companies to enquire about possible job opportunities. As a result of this exercise, he was offered a position with a construction firm providing he completed his CSCS card, but this was not something he wanted to pursue.

However, the experience he gained from working with #Focus5 on job hunting and interviewing stood him in good stead when he saw an advert for a part time job in a local printers. He applied independently and went for an interview which involved an entire day's work on trial, and was offered the job! He is so pleased with himself and has said he felt empowered to do this because of his time on the #Focus5 project. Good luck in this important step towards independence and we hope the job blossoms into a fruitful career!