#Focus5 Ignited young person’s passion for music

Our #Focus5 key workers get to know the young people and together they create a bespoke plan of activities to meet immediate and long term goals or aspirations. Quite often it can lead to unlocking a pathway which the young person hadn’t even thought about or igniting a passion for something; this was the case with N working with his Key Worker Louise.

N has taken huge steps since starting with #Focus5, he has been working on his confidence and managing his anxiety and says that he now has an understanding of his mental health and what he needs to do about it. N has been taking advantage of sessions he has with our specialist Partner ActionTrack, organised through our delivery partner Take Art by learning to play the Bass Guitar and learn to read tabs. N has an Acoustic Guitar at home which he practices on but working with ActionTrack has ignited his passion and he now wants a career in music. N even met up with another #Focus5 participant who also has a passion for music and Louise said it was just incredible to listen to them both singing along to songs together on the way to the beach – both displaying how far they’ve come in terms of their confidence.

Not only has N been working on his music but he has also worked with Louise on his CV and would like to start looking for a part time job. N said he found having one Key Worker really helpful and he has been able to put his trust in her to overcome his barriers. Not only has N helped himself but through the work he has done with his Key Worker, he’s been able to help his mum understand mental health, what it means and how it affects her and N can see she has become more confident and is doing more, which really boosts him.

We hope N continues to excel in all that he does and hope he’s able to pursue that career in music!