#Focus5 Leaver Shares Her Thoughts

As she exits the project, one of our #Focus5 young ladies Ela, in Somerset shares her thoughts on the help and support she has received over the last year from her key worker, Louise.

She wants to remain anonymous, which is why we're sharing an image of them both hiding behind a leaf, from one of their scrapbooking trips to Killerton!

"When I first started seeing my #Focus5 key worker Louise, I was very nervous. I struggle with mental health issues including anxiety which means that meeting and trusting new people can be really hard. Louise was absolutely lovely and helped me come out of my shell as well as helping me improve the areas of my life which I was finding really hard. For example my confidence, managing money, managing my anxiety and learning to enjoy life again.

Louise and I have done lots of activities together to help improve my daily living skills and help me develop more independence. We've done confidence boosting activities like writing my CV and doing a "my super me" exercise which helps you realise all the good qualities that an employer would be interested in.  We have also bought ingredients to prepare and cook a meal together, and Louise has pushed me to overcome my anxiety by encouraging me to do things myself like paying for my own drinks and food whilst out and about in public. She has also helped me to manage money by helping me look at which shop has better offers and how to spend sensibly.

Ever since I joined #Focus5 my self esteem has increased a lot. It has been so beneficial for me and I am so grateful.

Thank you so much for everything!


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