Forging A Career In Law

We have been enjoying so much success at #Focus5 lately, with so many of our young people exiting the project and starting their new path.

This is exactly the case for one young person from a rural area. She was originally born in Poland and moved to the UK with her mum and whilst Polish is her native language, she is also very good at English. Our young person is a bright spark, but she had not been attending school for quite some time. She suffers from low mood and being out of school for so long was exacerbating the situation.

Our young person knew she wanted a career in criminology or law, which is a large jump for someone who has been out of the school system. However, undeterred our young person and her key worker got straight to work. They started by looking at colleges and apprenticeships in both Devon and Somerset and it soon became clear the course our young person wanted to do college.

Attending Zoom meetings with her key worker, college coordinator and tutors gave our young person a better understanding of things and an application for a college course soon followed. In the meantime, the pair worked on our participant’s CV and set up her bank account; all of which was completed via Zoom due to Covid-19. The CV really helped our young person identify her skills and strengths, giving her an even greater confidence boost.

Our participant is now enrolled on her chosen course, studying Introduction To Further Education, 3 days a week. The course will give her an oversight of Maths, English, Art, International Studies, Mindfulness and Citizenship but it will be tweaked to prepare her for studying Criminology and Law. The college have been great with our young person and have support in place , in addition they have even given her a plot of land with a pond to look after. She loves the outdoors and the college hopes that assigning her some land will help her to forge a stronger connection with the college and her own project to work on outdoors as we all know the outdoors is so good for us in so many ways.

We wish our participant the best of luck as she now embarks on her new path. She had to overcome so much to get to college; even getting the bus was a huge step forward. She has now gotten over the barriers associated with her academic years and is now thriving!