Getting Creative at Barrington Pottery

Our #Focus5 key worker for Somerset and Mid Devon just popped into Barrington Pottery to collect stunning ceramics for a young lady she has been supporting.

When she started working with #Focus5 this sixteen year old was suffering with anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and poor self-esteem. She was out of school having been in a pupil referral unit. She had a very difficult background involving domestic abuse and was so anxious she was reluctant to even talk over the phone.

Adults caring for this young lady felt she could benefit from the bespoke support #Focus5 offers in getting back into education or employment, because despite her circumstances she had a desire to do well for herself.

Over a period of time she and her key worker built up a close relationship. They worked on a CV and visited Somerset Skills and Learning, to look at gaining basic qualifications in Maths and English. She was helped to set up a bank account, access benefits and become financially independent – which became all the more crucial when she discovered she was pregnant.

At the end of all this hard work, she was rewarded with an experience day at Barrington Pottery, where the fabulous Paul and Marion helped her create nine pieces of pottery. They were incredibly accommodating and even found her a wheel where she could comfortably sit with her growing baby bump!

She was already interested in art and design and had never tried pottery, so this was an experience she absolutely loved and would otherwise have been inaccessible. The results were amazing for a first attempt, and she now has several baby sized items to use and treasure at home!

She has now completed her work with #Focus5 but the young lady is still in touch with her key worker on a personal level and is all the more confident in tackling the new challenges in her life, thanks to the skills and support she has gained from the project.

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