Independence and Confidence Skills

A young lady on the #Focus5 project has been learning about local mobility services to empower her to overcome anxiety about busy places and become more independent.

This young lady struggles with acute anxiety and is also physically disabled but with the help of her #Focus5 key worker she is learning how to empower herself. Christmas shopping was the task they tackled recently in Exeter city centre.

She independently planned and organised what she needed to buy and her key worker helped her to research discount vouchers online, to learn about getting value for money. She hired a mobility scooter for £6.50 per day from Exeter Shopmobility, a really valuable local charity at risk of budget cuts.

During this outing, the young person overcame her anxiety by communicating with new people in retail stores, paying for her own items, managing her own budget, and learning how to navigate her way around a large shopping centre.

This is something she would never have been able to do without the support of #Focus5 helping her identify local services available to her and guiding her through the process. The next step is to encourage the young person to build on all these skills and apply them to a learning or training scenario of her choosing.

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