K’s ultimate goal = achieved

K’s action plan had the following goals: Develop strategies to manage anxiety, getting out of the house more, being aware of strengths and barriers, understanding options, rediscover things she enjoys, try some short courses to boost confidence. 

K is from a low-income household with a mum who has severe mental health issues. K finished year 11 with a handful of low GCSE grades (1’s and 2’s) in Maths and Science. She went on to Somerset Skills and Learning and started a traineeship which she was sadly unable to complete due to anxiety. She couldn’t identify things she liked to do and spent the majority of her time at home in her bedroom. She was referred to #Focus5 through her mum’s social worker.  As she was 17, out of education and wanting to get a job she was classed as unemployed/NEET. 

K struggles to communicate and when she started working with her keyworker she was very closed off and found it difficult to have a conversation, she has a big mistrust of professionals due to be being let down by school and others in the past. There may be undiagnosed additional needs as K recognises she needs a lot of processing time and struggles to communicate effectively. At school this led to explosive outbursts and her absconding. She ended her time in the behaviour hub at her school which meant she was unable to access a significant amount of learning.

The first thing K needed to do with her key worker was to build trust and a relationship in order to help K become self-reflective and accept support. They met weekly and had short sessions which followed a predictable routine. They worked in job seeking every session as this was K’s ultimate goal, but one she felt was currently unachievable. Alongside this they worked on K’s anxieties, exploring different triggers and coming up with strategies to manage overwhelming feelings. Over time K gradually started to trust her keyworker and had some ideas about things she would like to do. K and her key worker managed to explore this further and rule out certain things to pinpoint her real interests. K decided she would like to do an in person First Aid course which #Focus5 will be purchasing for her. This was agreed in part because job seeking was taking a long time and she needed a confidence boost.  They worked on interview skills and purchased appropriate clothes, then applied for at least 2 jobs every session. After a while this approach paid off and K has been offered a job and is almost ready to exit project. 

We are delighted that K has been supported to achieve her ultimate goal of getting a job as well as be able to work on her confidence in attending interviews, awareness of barriers,  identify her strengths and identify specific goals. K is really pleased with her progress and very happy to have been offered a job!