Learn how Pippa used Brain in Hand to manage her anxiety

Pippa from Somerset came to #Focus5 with a negative view of supporting agencies and challenging mental health. She had tendency to become overwhelmed by various everyday tasks and would often forget any coping strategies that she had previously learnt. Pippa’s key worker highlighted how Brain in Hand (BiH) can be used to help people with anxiety just like this.

Together, they used BiH to breakdown and understand her anxiety in specific moments. Pippa was able to focus on coping strategies for these situations and to develop a more general approach to deal with the unforeseen. Her hard work has paid off and she now effectively implements these coping strategies in her everyday life.

Pippa has recently turned 18 and will have an interim mental health worker to help with her transition into adult services. During a Team Around The Child meeting (which Pippa attended), Pippa’s progress was discussed and especially the positive impact BiH has made. The interim mental health worker was impressed with how Pippa had used BiH to develop the analysis and solution focussed approach, which has given her a solid foundation for her forthcoming work.