Learning Valuable Life Skills

#Focus5 is helping a young lady overcome mental health issues whilst learning valuable life skills.

A young person who has struggled with complex mental health issues including anxiety and depression was recently helped by a #Focus5 key worker to learn valuable life skills through cooking. Her interest and engagement in this activity is all the more impressive as she has been in and out of hospital and has suffered with an eating disorder. 

She chose to cook Spaghetti Carbonara and her key worker took her to a local supermarket to help her select all the ingredients. They then got together in her home and prepared the meal together whilst learning about; food hygiene, measurement, cooking on a budget, longevity of food, time management and planning skills.

They also discussed strategies for making cooking physically easier, such as using scissors instead of sharp knives, since the young lady also has cerebral palsy. All of these life skills are crucial in helping young people build the confidence to be independent and take a pride in doing tasks for themselves. Her #Focus5 key worker said she and her family members thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the food, and that her relationship with food was becoming healthier.

No doubt this young lady is going to go from strength to strength with the support #Focus5 is offering.

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