Molly's story: following a passion for childcare.

Molly is the absolute perfectionist, with a natural tendency to care for others. Her first memories are taking care of her brother and sister from about aged six. She would be there to support them, looking after their emotional needs and the more obvious ones, such as clean clothes and food. As they got older, she would also help them with their homework. Well, not sure much her sister, she was the brainbox.

This desire to put others before herself was identified by Molly’s mental health worker. Molly just doesn’t know how to say no. She has been seeing a youth mental health since last August and has been working on some traumatic experiences that led her to living with PTSD. Molly knew she was living with PTSD but learned so much more about herself in the process. They examined her harmful and unhelpful behaviour and found ways to manage her anxiety and depression. Molly developed strategies to work with all of these, from mantras to visual aids. An example of this is Molly’s safety box, which she looks at when she is thinking of causing herself harm. Molly learned that anxiety is much more complicated than biting her nails.

In year 11 Molly had to change schools as she had to relocate to become her grandmother’s carer. As expected, Molly put her grandmothers needs before her own and her education was disrupted. It was a difficult time, with her grandmother developing pancreatic cancer. Sadly, her grandmother died after Molly sat her GCSEs. Despite this Molly still managed to sit three GCSEs, securing strong grades in English, Maths and Child Development. Molly secured an A* for Child Development as this subject is her absolute passion. Caring for others is second nature for Molly and she sees her future in childcare, drawing inspiration from her family and her own experiences.

“My second cousin, Charlie is five years old and just inspires me and got me even more interested in early years. Every stage of Charlie’s development is fascinating to me”

Once Molly’s mental health worker realised Molly's passion for childcare, she sent a referral to the #Focus5 project. Molly was paired with our keyworker, Rhian and due to Covid-19 they have only met once! Social distancing was not a barrier for this pair though and they got straight to work with Rhian putting a nervous Molly at ease. Molly enjoyed Rhian’s sense of humour but importantly Rhian helped her to feel even more confident about her chosen career path. It all started with completing CV’s, then they looked at jobs and eventually Rhian directed her to a childcare course. Since then Molly has been a star participant, making her own decisions. She worries that she may not be good enough for this career, but she also knows that is her anxiety talking. So, Molly converts this energy into something constructive, making sure she does some new learning every day.

Molly has managed to secure a place on a childcare apprenticeship at a college near her, combining learning with practical skills and getting paid in the process! She is waiting to start in September – Covid-19 permitting of course. Her dream is to work with children with disabilities, so she can give them a voice and add value to their lives.

Everyone at #Focus5 is so proud of Molly and the progress she’s made. We wish her every success for her future.