Moving forward even in sad circumstances

#Focus5 support can be anything that helps young people towards education employment or training, as long as they show a commitment to engaging with the project. Sometimes young people can be dealing with something personal in their life, like B, who was dealing with his father being very ill. 

B had not been in education for a few months. The reason being his dad got told he had terminal cancer. They were told he had weeks to live rather than months.  Dad wanted to make sure all of his children were sorted with their next steps and met with careers staff at the young person’s college.  It was decided that #Focus5 would be the way forward.

Key Worker Tine was contacted by college careers staff and immediately called the father.  Tine and the father spent a couple of conversations on the phone about how Tine can bet support them.  B wanted to do a mechanical course at Exeter College.  Dad was currently in hospital by this point and the whole family were by his side.  Tine then made arrangements to come to the hospital as the father requested and to do the application form with the young man to Exeter College in a private room next to dad. 

The application was now completed, Tine didn’t see the rest of the family at this point but followed up the application ASAP with Exeter College. During this time dad went home to be around his family for end-of-life care, where he later passed away.   

Tine continued to support the family with getting applications moved along with discussions with his school and college and the young man then went back to school two weeks after his father’s death.  Tine helped with getting the interview set up. 

Tine also supported B's sister as she now too had not been at Exeter College for many months and worked to make sure that she got what she needed for returning in September.

B's father got what we wished for before he passed with both of his children knowing what their next steps would be. Both applications, interviews and start dates for return to school or college have been successful with the support from Tine.

B is now completing his GCSE exams and is looking forward to the next step of mechanics at Exeter College. The summer will be about fixing the old land rover that dad bought for him shortly before he passed. We are so pleased #Focus5 was able to support B and his sister during their difficult time and we know they will make their dad very proud.