Music Lessons for Anxiety

One of the young people supported by #Focus5 recently enjoyed some guitar lessons!

This may seem quite an ordinary activity for a teenage girl to access, but when you consider that this young lady has been struggling so badly with anxiety and depression that she rarely leaves her own house, it's all the more remarkable.

Her #Focus5 key worker wanted to take her out of her house and out of her comfort zone, doing something interactive and relaxing, and she chose some guitar lessons. She had clearly enjoyed music in the past as our key worker spotted a broken guitar at home, and the #Focus5 project was able to arrange some funded sessions at Actiontrack in Taunton.

It is well known that listening to or playing music each day can help to relax the body and mind and alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety. It encourages coordination and communication, reduces emotional distress and can relieve depression, so this was a really good activity to do whilst the young lady was also coping with the anxiety of being outside and amongst strangers. She absolutely loved it, engaged really well with the tutor and built up confidence skills at the same time. 

#Communication #Teamwork