Nature and Nurture at Killerton

Killerton House National Trust was the location for a fun filled session with one of our young people last week who spent quality time connecting with nature, communicating with strangers, enjoying physical exercise and gathering items for her scrapbook.

This young lady suffers with cerebral palsy and acute anxiety. She becomes very worried about being out in public and has recently spent quite a lot of time in hospital and is currently unable to access education or employment. Her key worker is trying to encourage the development of communication and confidence by slowly getting her out into the world.

The beautiful surroundings of Killerton along with the helpful staff, ease of access for disabled people and wonderful warm sunshine offered her great therapy for body and mind.


Scrapbooking is just one of the activities this young lady is doing with #Focus5 to help reduce anxiety, improve communication and organisation skills, stimulate her brain and encourage creativity. Scrapbooking can dramatically improve a person’s self-esteem because not only do they get the satisfaction of putting a book together, it also serves as a constant reminder of what they have accomplished.

On this particular day our young person built confidence in communicating well with others, trusted her keyworker to assist her through the day, enjoyed exploring nature and wildlife and achieved a one mile walk with the use of mobility aids, taking in the wonderful views across Devon.

Getting in Touch With Nature

Spending time surrounded by nature if you suffer with anxiety is well known to have therapeutic benefits, so much so that in Scotland GPs are now able to ‘prescribe nature’ for patients with mental illness. If you spend 90 minutes of your day outside it is proven that there will be a decrease of activity in the part of your brain typically associated with depression as well as positive effects on anxiety, blood pressure, pain symptoms and the immune system.

By encouraging young people who are not in employment or education to step away from the four walls of home, engage in nature and communicate with the outside world #Focus5 is paving the way for the development of skills that may eventually lead to a learning or employment opportunity matching their passions and abilities.

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