New Job and Saving for a Moped

A young man on #Focus5 has started a Saturday job and is working so hard, his boss has already doubled his wages!

When this young man started on #Focus5 he was shy and said very little. As time progressed he came out of himself and started to talk more with his key worker about issues in his life that have had and are having a negative impact on him.

They worked together to identify the barriers preventing him from progressing in life and spent time working out what kind of work he would like to do. His experience of school was not positive. He was expelled before he took his exams, leaving him without qualifications. He was open and willing to find work in any warehouse, garage or construction industry so we worked on identifying his strengths and attributes / transferrable skills and created a CV.

We made contact with a garage he did work experience with when he was at school, to ask for a reference to strengthen his employability. When we went into the garage, after a brief conversation, the owner gave him a Saturday job, starting that week! We then went to purchase work wear: trousers, hoodie, knee pads, and safety boots – funded by #Focus5, to help get him started! He has been working there since the beginning of March and has proven his worth because the owner has already doubled his wages.  

As well as this fantastic success, #Focus5 have worked with him on how to; search for local jobs, apply online, go into companies to ask about vacancies, promote his positive attributes in a CV, interview skills, timekeeping (setting alarms, allowing enough time to get ready and wake up properly), how to find alternative training providers, and positive thinking.

He has been successful in keeping a job and already receiving a pay rise. He rated his experience on the project as ‘Very Good’, and said he would highly recommend referring a friend to the project. His feedback to his key worker was that since she got him a job that pays him a wage, he has a lot of respect for her! He is now saving money to buy himself a moped and become even more independent. We couldn't be prouder of his achievements and this is another good example of how many young people can move forwards without qualifications, given the right kind of support.