Online GCSEs and Volunteering

A young man working on the #Focus5 project has made positive changes to his future and is studying GCSE's with InterHigh!

He joined the project having not attended school for the last year, being autistic and highly anxious, he found mainstream school difficult to navigate and struggled with bullying from adults and peers. His predicted GCSE grades were good, but he was in danger of not taking any of them.

When his key worker first met him, he did not speak to her or look at her, instead he listened with his head turned. Despite this, he was aware that things needed to change and thankfully he wanted to do something to start that process, which is the key to his success!

#Focus5 helped him to consider his subject choices and supported the parents with the process of applying for GCSEs through InterHigh, an online learning portal. InterHigh is the UK's leading online secondary school, offering a fully interactive syllabus that can be completed at home, or anywhere else for that matter. He is currently enjoying GCSE study in four subjects, learning at home, which is fantastic progress! 

He also wanted to make some new friends and rebuild his confidence, so #Focus5 helped him find an opportunity to volunteer. He is now working every week at a local animal sanctuary which he really enjoys.

So this young man, with the support of his key worker has settled into a demanding but rewarding daily routine, gaining skills and working towards qualifications along the way. His long term goal is to become a Barista in a café, and he plans to try and get work experience himself, to help turn his goal into reality.

We are so proud of the effort he has put in to turn his learning and work prospects around, and we wish him all the very best for his future.