Overcoming social anxiety and unwillingness to do anything outside of the home environment.

KW was withdrawn from education whilst at mainstream school due to anxiety and negative experiences of peer group. She had a home educated status but wasn't taking any exams and leading insular lifestyle in home environment, until #Focus5. 

KW was entering Year 12 at time of referral but was not ready to consider external provision. She was reluctant to engage with anything that takes her out of the home environment and consequent limited opportunities to develop skills of interacting with others and gain confidence to do this. She had a negative image of her own ability to undertake activities successfully.

Key Worker Nick set up some Initial visits at the participants home linking in with her parents and looking at what concerned young person and coming up with a plan of what to undertake to help her move forward. They selected some online short courses that #Focus 5 purchased for her and then they attended a local library so she could undertake the online courses and also be more comfortable outside the home environment. Together Nick and KW explored career ideas and progression routes and the young person agreed to consider employability skills course run by Young Devon. Nick accompanied her to an initial visit to Young Devon Employability course to meet the staff and then to a follow up visit. Unfortunately, staffing issues meant course could not run but participant wasn't ready to consider alternatives at this point. Nick also organised two art sessions with partner agency Artmakers which she accessed to develop her creative talents, communication skills and self-belief.

Key Worker Nick encouraged KW to consider developmental and skill gaining benefits of volunteering in a local charity shop and also helped her to consider college options now the Young Devon Course was no longer available and helped her to apply and attend interviews. Nick transported her to college interview and supported her at the interview.

We are delighted that through the work done by Key Worker Nick, KW overcame social anxiety and unwillingness to do anything outside of the home environment, KW also started to volunteer regularly at a local charity shop.

Not only that KW considered, visited and applied for external post 16 educational provision which was something she would not even consider at the start of the involvement with #Focus5. We are so pleased that she attended interview for entry to Career Skills at Petroc college and has now accepted a place to start in September 2022!