Plans to Become a Mechanic!

One young person who is about to leave #Focus5 has been reflecting on the ‘best bits’ about being on the project and his plans to become a mechanic!

He comes from a difficult background and was not succeeding at school. He started a course at college but struggled to maintain attendance, partly because he could not afford the travel expenses and partly because of difficulties with anxiety and mental health. It was not an environment he felt comfortable enough to succeed in.

He and his #Focus5 key worker get on extremely well and he very quickly placed trust in her to help him move forwards. They began with some visits to our partner organisations such as the Sound Gallery in Exeter, to break down barriers and build some self-confidence.

His key worker then helped him to understand the benefits of a work based training course with our partners, Young Devon. This course has helped him to cope better with his anxiety, build confidence and social skills. He has made new friends, which is really important having lost contact with all his previous school and college friends.

From this, he is about to move onto the Positive Pathways course at the Guildhall in Exeter for more work based training preparations. The course helps to boost confidence and social skills so that young people feel able to cope on a full time programme or indeed in the world of work. Young people take part in various small group activities, most of them out of the classroom environment to help develop problem solving and communication skills. The course is portfolio based so all activities are photographed as evidence and there are no exams!

Our young man then hopes to return to Exeter College for a course in mechanics. He is absolutely passionate about cars of all makes, sizes and descriptions, and therefore is looking forward to the potential of a job or apprenticeship with a garage in the future so that he is working within his special interest.

He says the ‘best bit’ about #Focus5 has been getting access to the team at Young Devon, and spending time with his key worker who has been fundamental in helping him make new friends. He’s also proud of the fact that he can beat her at pool!