Pursuing Functional Skills

#Focus5 key workers get to know their young people and together they create a bespoke plan of activities to meet immediate and long term goals or aspirations.

We are delighted that so many young people have signed up to achieve Functional Skills in Maths and  English!

Reuben signed up to #Focus5 on 01/02/2022. Already, he has signed up to Functional skills maths and English, applied for two colleges and was showing this Key Worker the task they set him between sessions: to research voice software to help him overcome the barriers berated by dyslexia. Reuben is so motivated and keen for education, after being out of school for years 10 & 11 due to developing chronic fatigue syndrome. An awesome recovery. 

Another young person has signed up for Functional skills English and maths at the Rendezvous, Yeovil.  They had been out of education since early 2019 due to illness. They barely left the house in several years, but has taken steps to get into their Key Workers car to go into Yeovil, singed up college, and travelled  home. A phenomenal achievement for them!