Return to School for GCSEs

A young lady working with #Focus5 has moved from learning at home, back into full time education to take her GCSE's.

Her family had been travelling around quite a lot and as a result she had been out of school, learning at home for six months. When she joined #Focus5 she was unsure of what she wanted to do but she was aware that she would ideally need Maths and English qualifications to move forwards.

She and her keyworker worked on the barriers to her learning and identified solutions. She was, however, quite determined to go back into mainstream school and made an application to do so, which was rejected. #Focus5 stepped in and wrote a letter of support which, through the appeal process, helped the school to change their mind and she is now back at school studying for GCSE Maths, English, Art and Science.

Studying is going well, most likely because this young lady made a positive decision to return to education and really wanted to succeed. We wish her all the very best with her learning!