Ruben passes his Functional Skills exams

Having achieved his goals, Ruben was happy exited from the #Focus5 project mid July. He is starting the GCSE course at Richard Huish college in September 2022.

Ruben signed up for support through #Focus5 in February 2022. He had recently recovered from two-year period of chronic fatigue syndrome, and subsequently missed the most crucial years of secondary education, including his GCSE’s. Ruben’s strengths and interests lie in maths, science and computer science and he had a clear idea of his chosen career path. Ruben’s main barriers were: Not having GCSE’s, knowing his long-term goal but unsure of the best route, and being dyslexic, which affects his English reading and writing.

Working collaboratively with Key Worker, Ruben identified several goals he was aiming for: to study Maths, science, or computer science at university; getting his GCSE’s; finding suitable voice software to support his learning needs during education, and to structure a home-based learning schedule. These formed his action plan of work.

He was also able to identify a number of solutions. On his second #Focus5 appointment, met Faye Didmore at the Rendezvous, and signed up for Functional Skills Maths and English. Each Tuesday, Ruben’s key worker collected him from his home, and took him to Functional Skills sessions at the Rendezvous. At home, Ruben independently researched college courses and narrowed his choice to two: Strode college in Street or Richard Huish college in Taunton. He applied to both and was offered places at both. Ruben chose Richard Huish’s GCSE course. The Functional Skills qualifications would count towards his further education. Ruben discovered the Dragon voice software he has is incompatible with his computer. He researched voice software during a #Focus5 session with his key worker. Ruben then independently researched his own solution and purchased all component parts to build his own computer that is compatible. In June and July 2022, Ruben sat two Functional Skills Maths exams and 5 English exams. He successfully passed all exams and has gained Maths and English Level 2 qualifications. Having achieved his goals, Ruben was happy to be exited from the #Focus5 project in mid July. He is starting the GCSE course at Richard Huish college in September 2022.