Small Steps to Conquer Anxiety

Learn about L's journey through the words of her Key Worker, Emily.

L had spent her year 11 year home educated and found it very difficult to imagine going to college. With my support she was able to start at college and is maintaining her place. One of the main barriers L faced was her anxiety. Together, we identified things that made her anxious and put work in to counteract them. For example: the first journey to college was a daunting and overwhelming prospect. Once broken down into several steps it felt much more manageable. Doing a practice run before the first day meant L was able to come up against problems she may encounter and deal with them without the added pressure of starting college that day.

Another challenge for L was huge gaps her timetable during the middle of the day. A long stretch of unstructured time felt very overwhelming, and so we put some things in place to help with this. After checking that the usual clubs/activities at the college were not running in these Covid times we came up with a plan. This involved #Focus5 providing a journal, colouring pens and a mindfulness colouring book to our L. We were able to create a timetable for L’s unstructured time and provide quiet activities (mindfulness colouring) that would be able to take place in the library or a café. This may seem small but made a huge difference to L’s confidence in her ability to cope with managing unstructured time and helped lessen her anxiety around going to college.

L is now absolutely thriving at college, is managing her anxiety really well and building her confidence and self-belief. She now has a traineeship placement and a plan for continuing her education in September.