Spencer thanks Brain in Hand for a big up-turn in his mental wellbeing

When 17-year-old Spencer came to #Focus5 he was struggling with his autism and was becoming increasingly anxious and isolated. The situation had become so bad that Spencer had even dropped out of school.

Spencer’s keyworker helped him to outline coping strategies, so that he could effectively manage his anxiety and a big part of this was the Brain In Hand service. Brain In Hand (BIH) is a digital self-management tool that is always available via mobile. It helps with remembering things, making decisions when anxious or confused and coping with unexpected events.

Spencer fully embraced working with BIH, using it to schedule appointments and even to make conversation prompts to help with his social skills.

“Brain in Hand has changed my life. It has opened me up to doing so much more. Before I had Brain in Hand I wouldn’t leave the house alone” - Spencer