Taking Care of Childcare

Keleigh was 16 years old and 7 months pregnant when she was referred to #Focus5 and was no longer attending college. She was becoming increasingly concerned about how to get her chosen career path as a farrier on track but agreed to wait until after the birth to commit to the #Focus5 journey.

After the birth Keleigh got back in touch with her key worker and the process began. She wanted to study at Exeter college as it was closer to home. So together, the pair started looking at bursaries and childcare options. It soon became clear that the best option would be to seek a nursery close to Keleigh’s home and college but at £50 a day this wasn’t exactly cheap! Keleigh’s key worker helped her to apply for a Care To Learn grant but a new barrier soon emerged. Keleigh needed to be in receipt of Child Benefit in order to access the grant and her key worker helped her to arrange this. With this all sorted Keleigh was ready for study!

Keleigh is now studying at college 3 days a week and thanks to her new routine she can say her budgeting and organisational skills have hugely improved. 

“I’m very grateful for my key worker’s help, she was like a good friend to me. I am thankful that #Focus5 took me on” – Keleigh.