Time to get outside to pursue D's Career Ambitions

D’s main barriers were: Afraid to leave the house, difficulties interacting with others, confused about career choices and next steps, living remotely and rurally, and anxiety of travelling on public transport.  Let's see how #Focus5 changed that. 

D, aged 17, was referred to #Focus5 as NEET and economically inactive. He left college, due to anxiety of travelling and being in a group. He received support through CAMHS and wanted support to identify a new career pathway. He started in November 2021, at the tail-end of the COVID lockdown, which exacerbated his anxiety so much, he would not step into his front garden through fear.  He presented as low in confidence and self-esteem, could not make eye contact and struggled to communicate. 

Working with his Key Worker, D created an initial action plan of work, which included:  Confidence building; to increase awareness of personal skills and strengths; to increase awareness of career choice pathways; to leave the house more, to build social and personal confidence.   Initial meetings focussed on rapport building, developing trust, and exploring D’s experiences, preferences, and anxieties. This helped to build a profile of D, using a combination of worksheets, fact sheets, YouTube short videos about understanding anxiety, the negative inner critic, and developing a positive sense of self, skills and strengths, conversations and CV building. 

By January 2022, D was ready to step outside, and went on a few local, rural walks with his Key Worker, who maintained continuous communication with D to ease his anxiety and help increase his awareness of the ‘what if’ worried thoughts of anxiety, about situations which had not happened yet. During the walks, the Key Worker encouraged D to consider taking driving lessons to overcome his barrier of living remotely and disliking public transport. By May 2022, D had managed to overcome his ‘worried thinking’ (anxiety) and started weekly driving lessons! 

D and his Key Worker completed an online search of local college courses, employment, and apprenticeships. D showed a keen interest in countryside wildlife and asked to visit a National Trust property, at Kingston Maurward. Together, they spent a day walling around Kingston Mauward Gardens, and visited Badbury Rings, an iron age hill fort, on route home. During this visit, D said he would like to work in a National Trust property, and Bingo! This gave focus on specific apprenticeships. Together, they searched online and found a County Ranger position, which D was interested in. D used his initiative and found specific relevant apprenticeships at Kingston Maurward. The apprenticeships applications had closed, and the Key Worker was advised that D would need work experience and to practice writing applications in readiness for the September apprenticeship cohort. D’’s interest was sparked, and his motivation increased.  He continued searching online independently and found some volunteering opportunities with the National Trust. In June 2022, D and his Key Worker wrote two online applications for volunteering at Lytes Cary and Tintinhull gardens. D’s Key Worker  helped him to write up some interview questions for the phone interview at Lytes Cary. On the 14th June 2022, D told his Key Worker he has a volunteer taster day at Lytes Cary! He is thrilled! D’s Key Worker will continue supporting D until he settles into his placement. 

What a result! We are so pleased D has made such fantastic with #Focus5 and wish him every success in his placement.