Volunteering & Preparing for Work

A young person working with #Focus5 has managed to increase confidence, embrace exercise and start volunteering with a local horse stables.

This young man completed a Princes Trust course last year, but since then his confidence has gradually reduced and he now needs support to build his daily routine and achieve his goal of gaining employment. #Focus5 has been helping him apply for his provisional licence and open up his first bank account so that he is ready for work. His key worker has also set up a meeting to help him learn about the types of financial support available to him.

We have also worked with him to look at exercise options as he realised he has been spending a lot of time indoors and has taken very little exercise. He wanted to start some fitness training but was not confident enough to go to a public gym as he struggles with social interaction and currently has no income for regular attendance. #Focus5 funded a skipping rope, which whilst it sounds a basic measure, has helped him take free, spontaneous exercise at home whenever he feels like it.

With the confidence he has built from #Focus5, this young man is now volunteering for a local stables, learning how to groom and care for horses and he is also volunteering for his local RSPCA retail shop where he is developing customer service skills and learning how to handle cash.

He is still working with #Focus5 but has already achieved many targets. Well done to him and good luck for the future!