#Focus5 Referral Form

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  1. Young people, agencies and family can use this form.
  2. To refer a potential young person, please complete this form and return it, along with all required evidence to your designated #Focus5 Key Worker
  3. A referral does not guarantee a place on #Focus5
  4. Speak with your local #Focus5 Key Worker who will provide guidance.
  5. Please note that a young person in any form of paid work is ineligible for the project.
  6. If you would prefer to supply the information using a paper copy please use the PDF or email us at focus5@cswgroup.co.uk

Definitions Guidance:

Economically Inactive:

According to BBO guidance, if someone is economically inactive then they are “not in paid employment or self-employment and are not available for or not seeking work”. They may be in receipt of certain benefits (such as Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance) and could also be in training or education of some kind.


If someone is unemployed then they are entirely without work, but are available for work and actively seeking work. They will usually be registered unemployed and be in receipt of unemployment benefits.

  • distant from the labour market and need additional support, skills and confidence to enable them to move towards employment.
  • a full-time student, even if they are registered as unemployed
  • retired, disabled or a full-time carer (all subject to individual circumstances)
  • receiving Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Incapacity Benefit (IB) or Income Support (IS) and not working
  • not in receipt of benefits
  • a Universal Credit claimant who is placed in the Work Preparation Requirement or Work Focused Interview Requirement conditionality groups
  • on full-time parental leave (understood as absences from work to bring up a child of young age for a period which does not fall under the classification or maternity or paternity leave), unless they are already registered as unemployed
United Kingdom
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