#Focus5 Referral Form

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    Young Person Information
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    Referral Information
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    Eligibility and Status
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  1. Young people, agencies and family can use this form.
  2. To refer a potential young person, please complete this form and return it, along with all required evidence to your designated #Focus5 Key Worker
  3. A referral does not guarantee a place on #Focus5
  4. Speak with your local #Focus5 Key Worker who will provide guidance.
  5. Please note that a young person in any form of paid work is ineligible for the project.
  6. If you would prefer to supply the information using a paper copy please use the PDF or email us at focus5@cswgroup.co.uk

Definitions Guidance:

Economically Inactive:

This means the young person is not currently looking for work for some reason, (including being a full-time student or under the compulsory school leaving age).


This means the young person is actively looking for work.

United Kingdom
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