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Latest News 14/03/22: We are currently receiving high volumes of referrals in the Somerset region and have limited capacity. Due to these high referrals a member of the #Focus5 team will be in contact with you to discuss your referral.

  1. Before making a referral to us, please read our charter (click here to download). This will help you learn more about what you can expect from us and what your responsibilities are in return.
  2. Referrers need to ensure the young person is aware of the project and aware that a referral is being made on their behalf
  3. Young people need to want to engage in the project/with a Key Worker and be ready and capable of doing so
  4. Please note that a young person in any form of paid work is ineligible for the project
  5. Young people, agencies and family can use this form
  6. We have limited spaces on #Focus5 and regretfully not all referrals will result in a place on the project
  7. Please provide the young person’s National Insurance number. We need this before we can start working with them. If you need to get your NI reissued, please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/national-insurance-numbers
  8. If you would prefer to supply the information using a paper copy please use the PDF or email us at focus5@cswgroup.co.uk

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