Appreciating our Amazing Young People!

As one of the #Focus5 key workers prepares to go on maternity leave, she reflects on what makes her job so rewarding.

Grace Boyd, #Focus5 Key Worker for North Devon.

I’ll be leaving for maternity leave at the end of this week and saying goodbye to so many young people in such a short time has made me quite thoughtful. I’ve realised that what we do goes both ways and that the young people we are privileged to work with, have a huge impact on us as key workers too.

For example one of my longest running young people has the sharpest eyes I’ve ever known and could spot birds of prey while we were driving along from tiny specs in the sky. Ever since subconsciously I’m keeping my own eyes peeled for buzzards and other wildlife while driving around the countryside! That’s something I would never have done before I met him and it is a beautiful thing to have people opening your eyes to the small things in life.

Another young lady got her first car recently which is a huge mile stone for any young person, and the care and pride she is taking in it is really wonderful to see. Plus it is making her super determined to pass her driving test (especially now she knows she drives better than her mum!), and I have promised that if I see her driving around I will wave at her in the most embarrassing way possible!

These young people are moving onwards and upwards with their lives, some taking small steps, others bounding off with great enthusiasm and I found myself having a little cry this week because of how much I’ll miss working with them. The youngsters on #Focus5 are really inspiring people who are overcoming many challenges and working hard to make a future for themselves. I will always remember the funny, silly conversations we have when we meet (I’m sure it’s keeping me young!).

Prior to #Focus5 I had not really worked with our age group of 15-18 year olds but now I cannot see myself working with any other group of people, they really are amazing, especially when you see how proud they become of the little steps they take on their journey with us.