The Benefits of Sustainable Consumption

Benefits of Buying Fairtrade Products


Fair Trade relationships provide the basis for connecting producers with consumers and for informing consumers of the need for social justice and the opportunities for change. Consumer support enables Fair Trade Organizations to be advocates and campaigners for wider reform of international trading rules, to achieve the ultimate goal of a just and equitable global trading system. Shoppers can buy products in line with their values and principles. They can choose from an ever growing range of great products. By buying FAIRTRADE labelled products consumers support producers who are struggling to improve their lives.


Since its launch in 2002 the FAIRTRADE Mark has become the most widely, recognised social and development label in the world. Fairtrade offers companies a credible way to ensure that their trade has a positive impact for the people at the end of the chain.


For producers Fairtrade is unique in offering four important benefits: (1) stable prices that cover the costs of sustainable production; (2) market access that enables buyers to trade with producers who would otherwise be excluded from market; (3) partnership (producers are involved in decisions that affect their future) and (4) empowerment of farmers and workers (assistance for producer organisations to understand more about market conditions and trends and to develop knowledge, skills and resources to exert more control and influence over their lives).

Benefits of buying environmentally friendly products

Saving money

Though eco-friendly products can seem more expensive at first sight compared to those items that are available in stores, it is crucial to keep in mind that they actually last much longer. Since eco-friendly products made from recycled or “well-recyclable” materials, such as metal, wood or glass, they are super durable and better quality.

Improving health

It is not enough to think about the harmful impacts we put on the environment, but the effects that we are poisoning our own body with. All cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products contain enormous amount of chemicals and artificial compounds that can cause several illnesses, diseases and allergies, damaging both the human body and the ecosystems. The best thing about eco-friendly products is that they are made from all-natural components, eliminating all the risky factors.

Making things easier

Besides being eco-friendly, of course, the best features of these products are practicality and simplicity. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle may take time, but after getting used to that, it makes life much easier. Due to the durability of eco-friendly products, you do not have to pay attention to something that is about to run out all the time. In this way, you can spend less time with doing the shopping and eco-friendly products are all easily available in one place, or can be ordered online.

Influencing demand

Economy and the market are driven by demand, i.e. every single purchase of people is a vote for the product they buy. According to this, if everyone started investing in eco-friendly products, market leaders and the biggest companies would realize that they must adapt to the changes. For example, if people changed from cotton pads to re-usable facial rounds, the demand for cotton pads would dramatically decline and their production, which actually uses several litres of water would slowly stop.

Personal morals and fair trade

In addition to being all-natural and biodegradable, most eco-friendly products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. On the other hand, they are often crafted by local manufacturers, hence eliminating the possibility of poor manufacturing, mass production or unfair working conditions. At the same time, this means that with buying eco-friendly products, you can support local companies, artisans too.

Benefits of buying products made from recycled materials:

Reduces the amount of natural resources being extracted

Buying recycled is not just about reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill, but also reducing the amount of ‘virgin’ materials that are extracted from the earth for manufacturing. It makes sense to reuse the materials we already have available through recycling, rather than throwing items away after a short time and extracting more raw materials.

Reduces energy use

Buying items made of recycled material reduces the amount of energy needed to create products. There is a significant difference in the amount of energy it takes to extract new resources compared to recycling used resources.

Did you know? – Making an aluminium can from recycled cans takes 95 per cent less energy than making one from virgin material.

Increases demand for recyclables 

Recycling works like any market - you need both supply and demand. Simply put, the more people that choose to buy recycled products, the more demand there will be for recyclable materials like plastic and glass, making these materials more valuable. That’s a good thing – as we need recycling systems to be sustainable over time.

Makes you feel good!

As outlined above, buying recycled is much better for the environment than buying products made from ‘virgin’ materials - so you can shop knowing you’re doing your bit to reduce the impact of your purchase. Gifts made from recycled materials are a great choice and leave the receiver feeling good too – so if you’re buying gifts, choose items made with recycled content.

Supports the circular economy

By choosing to buy recycled, you’re supporting environmentally conscious businesses. When consumers support businesses that do the right thing, others will be motivated to do the right thing too.