#Focus5 Covid-19 Update

During this very difficult period we wanted to take an opportunity to update you on the actions we have taken on #Focus5.

Whilst we cannot offer a true business as usual strategy, all our staff are equipped with the digital tools to work with participants and other organisations remotely. We will continue to offer support to our participants using a variety of methods including video meetings, text, email, WhatsApp; trying to find the methods that individual participants feel most comfortable with. As well as offering this 1-1 support we will be sharing useful articles and resources via our social media channels.  

We are still accepting referrals throughout this time. Although engagement times are likely to be longer than usual during this period, we will be making initial contact with those referred to us in line with our Charter.

Our support team are also fully operational from home and available to answer questions and make payments where required. 

Please continue to make contact with the team as you usually would – we are all available via phone and email.

For any general enquiries please email focus5@cswgroup.co.uk; this mailbox is checked regularly throughout the day.