#Focus5 Dad Gives Testimonial

As his daughter leaves #Focus5, this doting dad shares his thoughts on the project and the support they have both received.

" I am thrilled to be writing this letter about my opinion of our experience of #Focus5. I am the father of an eighteen year old daughter who has had difficulties around her mental health and anxiety. She really is an angel and such a genuine kind and caring young lady who just didn't realise it herself.

We have been so lucky for my daughter to have been accepted onto #Focus5 because it has been a really positive experience for my daughter and also for myself. We are both really sad to be coming to the end and have to very soon say goodbye to our key worker.

Since the very first meeting, Louise has been a gift to my daughter. As my daughter finds it difficult meeting and trusting new people in her life it was very daunting for her but Louise made her feel relaxed and comfortable from the very first day. Louise has been very supportive, kind and caring towards my daughter, she has been a great influence and role model. Louise has also been a constant and reliable person in my daughter's life, helping her to feel good about herself and that someone believes in her.

Louise has played a huge part in growing my daughter's confidence, she has been encouraging when my daughter has been facing low points, supported her and helped bring positive thoughts to her to face her anxieties. She has managed to get her out in public, helped her with her fear of travelling and many other things. She has also helped her to learn about managing money, cooking, writing a CV, and building her self esteem.

They have enjoyed many happy times together and had lots of fun which is what my daughter was in desperate need for. Although she still has anxiety and struggles with daily life #Focus5 has helped to put her on the right road to recovery and to me that is such a valuable gift to have given her."

If you know of any young people aged 15-18 who could benefit from what #Focus5 have to offer please get in touch or refer them via our online referral form.

The #Focus5 project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.