#Focus5 Enjoy Success with High Speed Training

High Speed Training have supported over 1 million learners in gaining accredited certificates and a good few of our #Focus5 young people are included in that figure. Being specialists in online training means they are a perfect fit for our young people who are looking to boost their skills. With courses ranging from Food Hygiene to Business and Finance there is something for everyone.

"At High Speed Training, we believe that everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to learn. It is our mission to deliver training that empowers people and helps them to be engaged, effective and safe in the career they've chosen. We are delighted that we have helped so many young people from #Focus5 take the next steps on their journey and they should feel immensely proud of the skills they're developing.” - Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development 

#Focus5 Key Worker, Rhian, likes to use High Speed Training in the first few months of the project, rather than waiting until the end. She understands that gaining a certificate early in the project can boost our young people’s self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. The online courses are a way for young people to gain a qualification in something that is of interest to them and also as a way to boost their CV for when they begin job searching.   

Rhian’s first action is to engage in an initial discussion where our young person’s education, employment and training goals are assessed. This is then followed by the pair looking at the High Speed Training website together and investigating any courses of interest.

“High Speed Training is particularly useful as a Key Worker as it has a Management Suite on the website where I can log in and check the progress of learners. This allows me to see when the learner last logged on and at what stage of the course they are at. I can then contact the young person either to encourage them to keep going or discuss any issues and, ultimately congratulate any learner who has successfully achieved a certificate.” – Rhian, #Focus5 Keyworker

Most of our young people have sufficient IT skills to research courses, access training and log into their personal account but what makes High Speed Training particularly special is their delivery method. Their courses are modular, which allows each young person to access their course at their own pace and at times that suits them. If our young person feels they need to review a module they can and then, when they are ready they can complete the module with a multiple-choice assessment.

High Speed Training has really helped our young people to bring about positive changes in their lives and long may it continue. You can find out more about High Speed Training and the courses they provide here.

“These qualifications are helping me to apply for jobs and show that I want to continue learning for my future” – #Focus5 Young Person
“Getting my Manual Handling Awareness qualification will help me to get a job in the future” – #Focus5 Young Person
“These qualifications will help me get into a job caring for children more easily.  I completed Level 1 and 2 Safeguarding really quickly so it’s boosted my confidence to do more qualifications” – #Focus5 Young Person