#Focus5 Pilot New School Groups

#Focus5 are rolling out a pilot scheme this month to support young people in schools who need to make decisions about their further education or careers.

This is a valuable service to young people who might have been so focused on following the curriculum and achieving GCSE results, that they may not have had the time or head space to really appreciate what they want to do or what the future could hold for them.

By conducting group sessions in schools we hope to recruit young people who can benefit from #Focus5 advice and training within a small group but also through individual mentoring on the project.

We are trialling this approach in a handful of schools and working in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), who are also the managing authority for the England European Social Fund programme, who co-fund #Focus5.

Debbie Barsby, School Support Adviser for DWP in Somerset and Gloucester has said she is very pleased with how the first session has gone and looks forward to working with #Focus5 to help deliver the remainder of the pilot programme.

The group sessions will run over 6 weeks and will include an initial meeting to do self assessments, mind mapping and motivational work, followed by some of the following activities:

About Me - Will look at confidence building, self esteem and identifying strengths, goals and outcomes.

CV & Digital Skills - Will include producing a CV, creating an email account, opening a bank account, and other digital skills.

Future - Will look at where young people want to be, using spider graphs and mind mapping. Sharing information about apprenticeships, job searching, traineeships, college and ad-hoc courses

Life Skills  - Will include communication techniques, resilience training, healthy relationships, customer service skills, self esteem, coping with anxiety, building confidence, overcoming barriers and life skills.

1-1 Session - Each participant will then get a 1:1 session with the key worker to complete a survey, look at applications for courses or employment, do further work on removing barriers to engagement and reducing any anxiety, doing another self assessment and preparing for the future.