#Focus5 Seeks Unemployed Young People

The #Focus5 project is reaching out to unemployed young people across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

The project, which offers flexible, one-to-one support to young people aged 15-18, has funding available to help a specific number of unemployed youngsters. As yet the #Focus5 team has only had referrals from 43% of the number of unemployed young people they hope to work with.

An ‘unemployed’ young person is defined as being aged 16-24 and someone who does not have a job but is actively seeking work. Any young people who are not looking for work and/or not available for work are instead classed as ‘economically inactive.’

At the end of last year, the Office for National Statistics reported there were 788,000 young people in the UK who were NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training). Government then published figures in December that 510,000 of these young people were unemployed. By historic standards these numbers are quite low, but it still represents a large group of people who could benefit from help getting into work.

According to Youth Unemployment UK, experiencing unemployment as a young person can lead to emotional problems, reduce a person’s life long earning/career potential, create further inequalities between communities, and the financial costs of supporting unemployment reach into billions.

#Focus5 can help young people who may be struggling to get on the employment ladder. When they join the project they are assigned to a key worker with whom they will create their own programme of activities to build confidence and self-esteem, recognise skills and take positive steps towards searching and applying for work experience, jobs or work based training.

We have a strong team with a wealth of experience in helping young people believe in themselves and achieve their goals. So far we have helped over 100 young people to recognise their barriers to employment, find ways to overcome those barriers, and progress their employability skills.

If you know of any unemployed young people aged 15-18 who are actively seeking work and would like to access support, please refer them today. Email us on focus5@cswgroup.co.uk or refer them online via our website www.cswfocus5.co.uk