#Focus5 volunteer with Moor Trees (before social distancing)

We have been reminiscing back to simpler times, before we had to stay at home and maintain social distancing. 

Back in February the #Focus5 team descended on a plot of land in Devon, armed with plenty of snacks and dressed for any weather. Our goal was to help our friends at Moor Trees for the day by offering a hand with some of their tasks. We were building shelters to help protect the young trees as they grow and learning more about the marvellous work Moor Trees do in the process.

We had a lovely day, ditching our normal work for something a little more physical and hands-on. Seeing the tangible product of our hard work was so uplifting and so was the understanding that we were doing our bit to help the environment. 

" Our day with Moor Trees was a great opportunity to support this local charity with their work to restore native broadleaf woodland. The charity collects local seeds and grow them in their community tree nurseries, which is where we spent our day. Not only did the day support local environmental sustainability it also supported social sustainability through staff wellbeing, spending time with colleagues out in the fresh air and beautiful countryside. It was a really enjoyable and worthwhile day." Nee Bedford #Focus5 Contract Manager

Moor Trees work in South Devon and Dartmoor with local landowners to create new native woodlands and restore existing woodlands for wildlife and community benefit.

You can find out more about Moor Trees on their Facebook @moortrees and their website https://www.moortrees.org.