Learn how access to an equine centre has helped one of our young people

#Focus5 has helped one mother access funding to give her daughter emotional support at a local equine centre. This has given some time back to the mum, enabling her to get things done and given her daughter some independence and emotional support.  Our key worker has supported the family with ECHP reviews and helped our young person to realise her potential, providing her support to attend college at a very difficult time. All the perseverance of the family has really paid off and our young person has a renewed sense of focus.

“Horses help me to relax, I have anxiety, and this helps me. I love horses, and being around them and people who have the same interests as myself is good. I am learning to be calmer and talk calmly. It's great to have a reason to get up for the day, as mornings are a struggle. We have also covered things like healthy eating, value for money and doing small tasks on my own and now I have a good CV.  I now have a better idea of what my strengths are and enjoying getting out a bit more” - #Focus5 Young Person