NLP with I Can Do That!

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and this is just one of the sessions our partner, I Can Do That, has been offering our young people recently.

NLP looks at how the mind uses language to store experiences/memories, which go on to inform our emotions and behaviours. During an NLP session a #Focus5 young person can expect to look at their language patterns to unlock their memories and experiences. From here, the experiences are reinstalled but with the intention of reprogramming the sub-conscious to promote the preferred emotions.

This is all fascinating stuff and in most cases the effect is permanent! NLP can be used to increase confidence, stop panic attacks, help with OCD behaviours, stop repeating patterns and even to look at interview techniques.

As you’d expect the final result doesn’t happen right away; it normally takes three sessions to complete the NLP course. These sessions investigate different topics: one looks at questioning, another focusses on techniques and the final session consolidates everything that has come up on the young person’s NLP journey.

We are so thrilled to be able to offer our young people the expertise from the wonderful team at I Can Do That – here's to an exciting collaboration together!