Plants In The Workplace

Recently, the #Focus5 team was set the task of sprucing up the workplace with some plants. Now we all know that adding plants to an office environment will boost the aesthetic value, making it a more pleasant place to be. However, as we are living in Covid-19 times and therefore working from home, how will this benefit us in the home office (or kitchen, or spare room)?

According to We Work, there are several benefits to adding greenery in the work environment. This includes significantly increased workplace satisfaction, heightened self-reported concentration levels, and improved air quality. Not bad, right? But the article goes further, suggesting that mixing plants with the workplace can lead to a 15% increase in productivity!

So, adding plants to the workplace is a real win-win situation. One thing that isn’t mentioned on the We Work website is the improved connection between human and nature. The plants thrive due to the care given to them by the people and this can help the environment and other sustainable practices find a bigger home in our hearts.

In true #Focus5 style the team fully embraced the challenge and on the right you can see some images of the plants in home-offices across the South West.

If you are interested in adding some plants to your workspace then click here to see 12 NASA recommended air purifying plants.