Recycling Schemes in the #Focus5 Area

We know it can be hard to find a recycling centre near you so we have put together a list to help. 

  1. Wyatt and Jack Inflatable Amnesty

Now that the summer is finally over, we often have a lot of inflatables and paddling pools that are burst or broken. Wyatt and Jack do an inflatable amnesty- using the PVC to make waterproof bags. They have drop off points in Plymouth, Croyde and Exmouth.

Please see their map here:

They also will reimburse postage if you can’t get to a collection point!

2.DCW Zero to Landfill

DCW Zero to Landfill (Taunton/Exeter/ Plymouth) ran a campaign last year to collect chocolate tubs to recycle and raise money for Dartmoor Zoo. I have enquired to them about whether they will be running this campaign again this year. So if you’ve started on those seasonal chocolates early, save the tubs!

3. Scrap Stores

Winter is coming and we will be spending more time indoors- what better than a bit of crafting? Scrap stores are a great place to find and donate materials. Scrap stores are community enterprises that collect off-cuts and surplus materials, usually from factories and businesses, for re-use in activities such as education, play and arts and crafts.  Materials collected include paper, card, fabric, plastic parts, lids, tops, containers, acetate, tubes, rolls, reels, wool, foam, etc – anything you can think of!  Using these ‘Waste’ materials diverts them away from landfill and the community gains access to high quality, low cost valuable creative resources. &