Results of #Focus5 Survey

We recently carried out a survey amongst the young people who have been working on the #Focus5 project, to find out what they think of it, and we're really pleased with the results!

We spoke to the first 100 young people who have participated on #Focus5 and now moved onwards on their journeys. The majority of these were in Somerset and Devon, with a smaller amount in Plymouth and Torbay.

What we are most pleased about is that we got a fantastic 93% satisfaction rate, with young people who were leaving the project, saying they felt it was 'very good' or 'good'. 87% also said they felt the project had 'helped a lot' and 82% said they found working with their key worker 'very useful.'

In addition to these wonderful stats, here are a few things young people like best about #Focus5:

  • It was adapted to me and was exactly what I needed
  • Getting placed on a course at college, I now have friends and confidence
  • Getting a reference from previous employment experience via my key worker
  • The fact that I was able to feel comfortable with my key worker
  • The whole lot
  • The help I received making my CV and looking through the banks to see which was the best one for me to use
  • Talking to someone helpful
  • Everything helped me get on the right path
  • Talking things through with my key worker