Running a Dog Sanctuary: A Covid-19 Lockdown Task

The Covid-19 lockdown presents a new challenge for our key workers and young people alike, as we get used to working together whilst physically apart.

We may not be able visit our young people in the manner we did before the pandemic but that doesn’t mean our service to them has to reduce. The #Focus5 team have been innovative in finding new ways to connect with our young people and finding new ways to inspire or challenge their thinking.

Recently, one of our key workers set a challenge to one of his participants, Caitlin. He asked her to imagine she was running a dog sanctuary and to compile a set of questions she would want to ask a potential employee in a job interview.

Her questions are listed below.

  1. Do you have any previous experience working with dogs? If yes, then what?
  2. Are you able to work adjustable hours if the dogs were to need it?
  3. What was your last job? 
  4. How are your communication skills? Are you able to help a customer with their questions in a polite and useful manor?
  5. What was your education in preparing to work with rescued dogs?
  6. What do you hope to get out of this job? 
  7. In what ways do you hope to cater to the animal’s needs? Both basic and difficult? 
  8. Do you have any plans for further education?
  9. Unique to you, what are your biggest strengths when it comes to working with many dogs? 
  10. Why should I employ you? 
  11. How did you hear about this job offer?
  12. Are you wanting this job to be temporary or indefinite? 
  13. Are you able to work well in a team? 
  14. Do you have any questions? 

This is a worthwhile exercise to really get Caitlin thinking about the recruitment process. What questions would you ask if you were the interviewer?