Teaching Sustainability

Students in a #Focus5 schools group have been learning about sustainability,  one of the cross cutting themes of the project and their key worker introduced them to the Eco Brick movement.

The idea behind Eco Bricks is to find useful ways of re-using non-recyclable plastic so that it is removed from the biosphere where it can cause damage, and placed somewhere where it can have a secondary use. Even better, the manual, hands on, and fundamentally local process of Eco bricking gets people thinking.  The awareness that grows puts people on a road towards to consuming and using plastic wisely.

The girls took a plastic bottle and filled it with all the non-recyclable rubbish generated across their group sessions together, packing it tightly. They then weighed it to ensure it was at the necessary density and will pass this to our local Eco Brick collection point, to be used in a sustainable project.

Young people all around the world are making these bricks and learning how to turn them into useful items. These sustainable bricks can be used in building projects, to make furniture, or even as educational construction ‘toys’ that fit together just like Lego! For those living near the coast, special Ocean Bricks can be made to utilise the hard, wet plastics found on the beach.

It is important to consider that these bricks are not a solution to our plastic problem, rather a last resort. It is also useful to note which plastics are ending up in any eco bricks and to try to find ways of avoiding purchasing them in the first place.

There is a fine art to making an Eco Brick which is fit for purpose, instructions are available here! The local drop off site to Exeter is ‘Just Purrfect’ in Exmouth. www.just-purrfect.co.uk